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ATTENTION: FAQ and important answers to Corona tests here!

As we are currently experiencing an increased number of inquiries regarding Corona (SARS-CoV-2) testing, so please read the answers to frequently asked questions here. If your question was not answered, please contact us.

In case of acute SYMPTOMS, please contact the OFFICIAL AUTHORITIES instead!

Which Corona tests are performed in the clinics of BCRT?
Antibody tests (blood) for the detection of a disease that has already been passed through.
PCR swab tests (throat) to exclude a current disease.
Exclusively in Berlin Mitte we also offer Antigen swab tests. With this test a result is available on the same day (appointments only Mo-Fr until 5:45 pm), but it is usually not accepted for official needs (e.g. traveling) and therefore serves more for personal insight.
Attention: If you have symptoms, please contact the official test centres!

What do you charge for the tests?
The antibody test costs 100 €.
The PCR test costs 123 €; if a medical certificate is also required, an additional 16 € is charged.
The Antigen swab test cost 93 €.

How do I get my result?
The results of the antibody test will be sent to you by our staff.
The results of the PCR test will be sent to you by the BCRT by mail or email for tests taken in our clinics in Cologne and Hamburg.
In all other clinics (Berlin Mitte, Steglitz, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Dresden) you will receive written instructions including an order code after sampling, which you can use to download the results from the Internet. Since the laboratories work late into the night on Mondays to Saturdays, you can call up the results as quickly as possible, regardless of our opening hours.

How long does it take to receive the result?
The results of the antibody tests are available on average after one week (exception Berlin Mitte: the same day).
For the Antigen swab test (exclusively in Berlin Mitte), the results are available on the same day, if the test is performed by 17:45 (Mo-Fr only).
The results of the PCR tests are usually available within 5-72 hours after receipt of the samples in the laboratory (no guarantee, no narrower time frame possible).
The pick-up however can sometimes only take place the next day in the evening, so that a result is available the earliest in the travel practices after about 48-72 hours (not Berlin where it can be sooner). Please note that the evaluation may vary if the laboratories are working to capacity.
Update Dresden (12-Nov): our partner laboratory in Dresden informed us, that it can take up to 7 days after sample arrives in laboratory before a result may be ready.

We have no possibility to speed up the processing. The laboratories do not operate on Sundays.

When are the samples collected from the clinics?
At Berlin Mitte, samples are picked up twice a day (Monday-Friday): 13:00 and 18:00. Please consider the following when choosing your appointment: Samples that are taken after 17:45 cannot be sent on the same day.
At the travel clinic in Cologne the samples will be picked up on the same day at 18:30.
In all other of our clinics, the samples are picked up by the laboratory driver the following day around noon.

These schedules are only valid Monday-Friday. Samples that are taken on Friday (except Mitte and Cologne) or Saturday are only sent to the laboratory the following Monday.

Which times are shown on the diagnostic reports?
The results of the PCR tests show both the time of receipt in the laboratory and the time of reporting.

How many days in advance do I have to do the test in order for my certificate to be valid in country XY?
Please understand that we do not always have up to date information on the frequently changing regulations. Please contact the German Foreign Office or the embassies of the country you are travelling to for more information.

Is the PCR test an RT-PCR test?
Yes, the RT-PCR is performed. However, the type of test does not appear on the laboratory results. If this written information is necessary for your travel, you will need an additional medical certificate (16 €)

What language are the certificates in?
Both the antibody tests and the PCR smear tests include certificates in German and English language.

Are tests possible on Saturday?
Antibody tests are possible Monday – Friday during the opening hours of the practices.
PCR-swab tests can be performed on Saturday, but the results will be forwarded to the laboratory the following Monday. The time until the result is obtained is extended accordingly.

When are the clinics of the BCRT opened?
Our clinic in Berlin Mitte is open Mo-Fr 9:00 – 19:00 and Sat 12:00 – 17:00.
All other clinics are open Mo-Fr 15:00 – 19:00 and Sat 12:00 – 17:00.
For more information, go check the site of the specific location you are looking for.

Further general information can be found on our page Corona tests. Thank you!

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As a general rule, you can come into all our travel clinics without an appointment. Appointments for our central clinic in Berlin - Mitte can be made via telephone: 030/960 60 940 or online via Doctolib (German language only)

Please understand that we cannot provide personal medical travel consultation or diagnosis via email - we kindly ask you not to send emails about these subjects. We gladly counsel you in a personal consultation in one of our travel clinics.

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